How to Build and Retain Customer Loyalty

Updated: Sep 6, 2019

Often in the beauty industry you hear about how competitive it is. However, the problem isn’t over saturation, it’s the level of customer service you provide to your client. The beauty industry IS full of incredibly talented artists, so what are you doing to stand out? If you put your focus on your customer service, you’ll create your own little army of loyal clients in no time.

The first thing to ask yourself is: What kind of client am I trying to attract? The best clients are the ones who keep coming back, refer you to other people, pay on time and who go above and beyond (think bringing you coffee, or remembering your birthday, hello!). We all know these clients exist! Maybe you are lucky enough to have a few of these magical clients. To attract this too-good-to-be-true clientele into your life you need to remember the saying, treat others the way you want to be treated. Ultimately, it's the karma rule; what goes around comes around. Have I said enough cliche phrases for you yet? Just apply this tried and true knowledge to your customer service, and remember to make your client feel like they are paying for an experience- not just a service!

  1. Warm welcomes To help turn your service into an experience start upon arrival. Offer your client a drink, blanket or anything to make them comfortable. We love the idea of asking your client in an intake form what level of socializing they prefer. Some people love to chat the whole time, some prefer to listen to music, be on their phones, or some just like silence! Silence is just awkward if you ask me, but whatever floats your boat I guess. Make sure you set the tone with some candles, maybe get that diffuser working its relaxing magic. Remember, your clients are there for a relaxing experience. Unless they’re there for a bikini wax. There's nothing relaxing about that!

  2. Show off your knowledge During the service let customers know what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. “Well, Susan, I’m using a 0.10mm extension on your lashes because they’re looking a little frail.” (I'm sure it's now fairly evident that I am NOT a lash tech. I hope all you lash techs aren’t offended by my lack of knowledge there!). Go into detail about how you sterilize your equipment and why it's so important. Give them some aftercare tips or even a little hand out on how to care for their service they just received. Maybe even offer some aftercare products! Of course this isn't for EVERY appointment but maybe just to reel them in. Let them know that they are in good hands!

  3. Start a customer database Everyone loves that feeling of walking into your favourite coffee shop and all the employees know your name and your order. Probably part of the reason why you’d never go to a different coffee shop, right? Seeing many different people a day can get confusing though and I don’t blame anyone for being forgetful! Try starting your own customer database: Susan (780-555-1234) Volume Lashes -frail lashes, sold her EyeEnvy to strengthen them -was leaving for vacation to California for her brother’s wedding. -she has two kids named Bill & Ted There’s a huge chance you will forget these three points by the time Susan comes back for her fill. Writing them down and reviewing them before her next appointment will ensure you won’t have that awkward moment of forgetfulness.

  4. Follow-Up Customer service doesn’t have to stop after the appointment. Reach out to your client after a few days to ask how they are liking their service. You can even take a screen shot of this interaction for your Instagram stories or for reviews on your website. Try and offer your customers a “returning customer” rate or referral discounts.

Never forget the value of gaining just one loyal client. That one client could equal 12 appointments out of the year and they can recommend you to five of their friends. Exceptional customer service will keep your clients coming back again and again. Before you know it you will need to start a waiting list!

Jessica McLean