Local Beauty YEG Business Spotlight: Cindy Lim

Local Beauty YEG Business Spotlight Cindy Lim Owner + Operator of Hello Cindy! Beauty https://msha.ke/hellocindy.ca/ @hellocindyca

This witty, gorgeous Momma of two runs a home studio with an array of services: lash extensions, facials, dermaplaning, chemical peels, nano facial, brow lamination, nails and more. Her studio, located in SW Edmonton, is cute, cozy, clean and of course has lots of Hello Kitty items. (Could ya tell by her business name that she loves Hello Kitty!?) Cindy is also an educator in facials + lashes, so you know she's a pro! She has previously won and was nominated for lash awards, including in health and safety. Please go to beauty professionals who take pride in the fact that they are CLEAN and care about keeping their clients safe-- like Cindy!

I first met Cindy almost two years ago, she was one of the first businesses to sign up to be on the Local Beauty app. She quickly told her fellow lash artist friends about us. I think that this speaks volumes to the kind of person Cindy is. She wants to see people who are in the same industry as her succeed. Cindy, thank you for always supporting Local Beauty and your community!


Q + A

How did you get into the beauty industry, and why did you stay?

The reason I got into the beauty industry wasn't my idea, it was my husbands. After having my first child and started to go back to work after maternity and already having a hard time keeping a job as I jumped from job to job lots because work was depressing for me. I felt alone, no one had my back and everyone just used me as an escape goat. I was also being discriminated against where I worked based off my race, age, sex, or even what college or university I went to.

I started with nails for 2 years then, I went to learn lash extensions and learnt a lot in lashing for the next couple of years. Lash extensions was such an eye opener as I started to focus more on marketing with mainly social media since it was free to market your business. I was still doing this part time. I always thought of doing everything slow, but set goals. My goal was once I got every evening and weekend booked and learned everything I wanted to learn I will go full time in my business.

During the time I learnt eyelash extensions and facials I had 2 great full time jobs at the time where I was able to fit in and be recognized for how amazing I am as an employee. Spring and Summer of 2019 was when I hit that goal and was debating so long as to when I want to finally quit the 9-5 job. I was debating for a while on this as I wanted to take some more courses and gave myself a date of March 2020 to finally take the leap. I guess God decided differently and I was laid off at the beginning of Dec of 2019, I was devastated because I loved that job and that work family.

After dealing with my emotions of losing my job I went on to work on building my business full time. Didn't think it would be during a pandemic but I am still here building my business and hustling even more than I was before to not let my dream slip away! I am so grateful for everyone who had supported my business from sharing my business, mentioning my business, and even booking an appointment means so much to me during this time.

Who is somebody that you look up to?

The people I look up to the most are my parents, they came into this country with nothing but they did what they had to do to support a family of 5. They might have not liked the job they were at or the people they worked with but they did what they did to bring us into the world and to provide us with amazing futures. What are your strengths and weaknesses? This is a tough question but I think my biggest strength is probably my confidence and not giving up and my weakness would be that I am a perfectionist. Why I say being a perfectionist is my weakness is because if it doesn't come out the way I want i just keep beating myself up but I am working on that as I have decided that if the customer loves it that is all that matters.


What is your favourite service that you offer, and why? I offer a variety of services and I love them all but my favourite are facials; I have become obsessed with skin. I think it is because everyone skin is different that it gives me a challenge in helping them clear up their skin. I have grown up doing dance, band and sport competitions. It made me be so competitive, I am glad I am not using that to compete with other businesses, but to compete against myself. Analyzing someone's skin gives me that challenge, and after a few sessions or even just one session my clients are so amazed. When I see that smile on their face it's a win for me.

Where do you see Hello Cindy Beauty in the next 5 years?

The pandemic has kind of delayed it as when I went full time for my business I told myself in 5 years I am hoping to open up my own salon. I know I might be carrying my parents dream as they always wanted to open up their own business but never had so if I can open up my own shop outside of my home would be amazing as I know my parents would just brag about it. Besides the beauty industry, what is something that you're passionate about? I do enjoy food lol I love to eat even though I am probably the pickiest person out there for food. I also love to travel and wish I could do more but there is always something like who is gonna watch the kids, do we have the money, etc. But after this pandemic I really want to travel and eat.

Thank you Cindy for first being so patient with me to get this blog posted, and for answering all my questions. I loved your story of why and how you came into the beauty industry. If you've ever thought about trying any of the services Cindy offers, check her out! I've personally had a few services done by her and she's always taken such good care of me. <3

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