Local Beauty Member Spotlight: Ivy Wong

Meet Ivy (Vee) Wong Owner & Artist of V.Luxe Beauty



(formally @vv.mintlashes)

Ivy Wong is an incredibly talented lash artist. Her volumes are absolutely to die for. Seriously, pure magic. She's also an educator for M.INT Lashes, so you know you're in good hands. Vee is always looking to learn new things, she also offers skin treatments like: dermaplaning, facials, and chemical peels. (PS. She has some amazing deals on right now- book with her before it's too late!)

Vee was recently nominated for three N.A.L.A. (National Association for Lash Artists) 2020 awards: Lash Industry Advocate Award, Customer Service Award and Educator of the Year Award. She constantly educates her followers on everything lashes, she goes above and beyond for her customers (she'll come into work for 6am if you need!) and she is forever cheering on her students and fellow lash artists. These nominations are well deserved! Congrats again, Vee.

Ivy has been so supportive of not just us, but everyone she meets. I'll never forget going to an event with her and how she made sure to introduce everyone to everyone. She is someone that you can just tell is a caring, compassionate and empathetic human being to the core. To know her is to love her. We are so proud to have you on our platform and we can't wait to see what the future holds for you. Get it, girl.



What made you get into lashes and how long have you been doing it for?

I worked in the oil & gas industry as a purchaser and in 2 years I got laid off quite a few times. Came into realization I can't be living off of E.I. all the time and wondering where my next paycheck will be coming from. So my friend Mary (owner of M.int) convinced me to try taking a course. So I did! Eyelashes was supposed to be a side gig. I was originally going to go back to work. Something in an office another 8-5. Fast forward 1.5 year later I'm still here. Doing it full time and no plans on going back to 8-5 job!

What is something you want people to know about lash extensions that isn't talked about enough?

So many to list I can go on. But let's talk about what most of us wants to talk about and curious about. "Why are lash extensions so expensive?"

Lash extensions itself is not an easy service! I have students who took the course and thought it would be easy. Well that tune sure changed once the tweezers are in their hands! Lashing is not easy! Think about it... Using our tweezer to isolate a single natural lash, then with our other tweezer in the other hand to pick up eyelash extensions to precisely dip into adhesive for the right amount to attach to that natural lash we just isolated. Then we have to make sure it's on the right direction and make sure it's not attached to another natural eyelash because not all lashes are the same lengths! Now repeat that 90 -150 times PER EYE. Oh and that's not even talking about the temp and humidity of the room we are working in. That's a whole different topic! This is why we charge the way we charge. Like anything in the Beauty Industry - it's a luxury service. Don't expect it to be cheap nor should it be!

What is your favourite service you offer and why? Are there any other services you are planning on offering in the future?

I love all my services I offer! But if I have to choose one right now it's Volume Eyelash Extensions! I just love seeing how full I can get the lashline  and I love when my clients look at the mirror and the the smile takes over their face!

As for future services... there is so many new things I want to learn! But SMP (Scalp Micro Pigmentation) has always been a goal so that may be the next step for me!  I want to make a bigger impact in someone's life. Instead of a smile I want to see happy tears of joy and bringing humans self confidence back to themselves!

I know that you believe in community over competition like Local Beauty does- can you explain why this is so important, especially in the beauty industry?

There is no need for competition! 972,223 is the population of Edmonton as of 2019 (says Wikipedia) Not even including the surrounding areas. There is plenty of potential clients out there for everyone! So community coming together to build each other up, I just love it! Who doesn't like meeting new friends that are like minded??? Side note - I've actually gained a few clients from networking in the Beauty Industry as I've referred clients to them!!! Actually, some are from Local Beauty! Community > Competition all day everyday! The beauty industry is always evolving and sometimes it hard to keep up with all the updated info. We should be working as a community to help get the updated info out, not for ourselves but for clients also! Knowledge is power.

What are your strengths and weaknesses?

My strength is also my weakness. Being compassionate. I love helping others even when they don't need it or ask for it. I have a big heart and I have a lot of love to give even though I don't show it verbally if that makes sense? Being compassionate is also a weakness because sometimes I let people walk over me. And I often get taken advantage of. So I'm learning how to say no or back off when first signs arise... Which is so hard.

I always get a response from you right away when I message you at 6am, so I know you're an early riser like me! What is your morning routine like?

I usually wake up anywhere between 3:30am-5am. Depends on when my first client starts! I go to the gym and shower and get to the studio and set up for clients! I love mornings! I'm a morning person!

Who inspires you and why?

I don't have a specific person that inspires me. But there is some real great inspirational role models out there!

But anyone who sets out a goal that are compassionate about and won't let anyone hold them down...and achieves it without breaking their morals beliefs that to me is amazing. Anyone can achieve goals, but it's how you get there and who you are as an individual at the end. Thank you for answering all my questions, Vee! I loved getting to know you better. Thank you for being one of my biggest supporters, and for being an amazing friend. -Jessica McLean


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