Local Beauty Member Spotlight: Jeri-Lee Clarke

Updated: Nov 16, 2019

Meet Jeri-Lee Clarke

Owner/Operator of Highbrow Beauty Vault


Jeri was one of our first members to join Local Beauty. I knew through her online presence that she was highly trained, professional and was passionate about her customers- I literally did a happy dance when she joined us.

Highbrow Beauty Vault offers the best services: microblading, powder ombré and combo brows, teeth whitening, tooth gems, dermaplaning, lash lifts/tints, henna brows, tattoo removal, and last- but not least- microneedling!

I had my first microneedling treatment by Jeri this past summer and a second one in October- I can't say enough about my time with her. She greeted me with a big hug, made me feel so comfortable and had so much knowledge on the service she was providing. Her home studio is gorgeous, clean and professional. After the treatment was over, she kept in touch to ask how my skin was healing and to remind me of the few after care tips I needed to follow. I have noticed major changes in my skin: my acne scarring has diminished, my pore size is way smaller and my acne breakouts are happening less often. If you've been thinking about trying microneedling, or you want to know more information, Jeri is your girl!




Besides the beauty industry and family, what are some other things you are passionate about? My dogs! I have a Doberman named Apollo and a Frenchie mix named Chase. They take up most of my spare-time and I love them to bits. I also love to cook. ( And All Things Halloween!) 

What is your favourite service you offer, and why? Are you thinking of adding any new services? This is a hard one as so many of my services are so rewarding to do. If I have to choose just one, it's Microneedling. Ever since adding a skincare service, I've met some really incredible women who are self conscious about their acne scars & stretch marks. Microneedling helps alleviate these & giving my beautiful clientele their confidence back means everything to me! I'm always interested in new services.

Being a mom and a business owner (and I know your hubby works out of town a lot) how do you stay organized?

I write everything down and set about a million alarms on my phone. If I didn't have things like my schedule book, Google calendar and alarms I would be a mess! I can not wait for online booking through Local Beauty, game changer for sure.

Who are some people that inspire you in your life and why? I'm inspired by people with a strong work ethic and warm hearts. I respect ambition, but I also think it's important to remain humble with success. I will always be inspired by my own mom. She has always worked extremely hard to provide and overcome so many obstacles. Even when we had very little, she always showed that it never hurts to give some of what you have to a person in need. My husband also gives me inspiration. He's the hardest working person I know. He sacrifices so much for our little family and is the main reason I'm able to have my dream job.

Ok, you have the most gorgeous skin ever. What are your secrets to your glowing skin?!  Honestly my skin care routine is fairly simple. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!! I use the hyaluronic acid serum from the PCA Canada skin care line, the brightening bar from their line and now that I'm into my late thirties, you know I'm using nighttime retinol, baby!

This is my favourite question to ask everyone- what are your strengths and weaknesses? I like to think that being strong willed is a strength 😉I know what I want and I work hard to get it. I'm very protective of friends, family and anyone who may not be able to use their own voice. But I'm a Leo & a fire sign, so that also plays into my weaknesses. I have a hot temper and can be very impatient.

You are a home based studio, explain why the stigma around home based businesses being unsafe is not true at all.  Getting started as a home based business sure had it challenges, but I totally understand peoples fears. Many people are afraid the home won't be clean or safe. But I assure you, I am licensed, insured and go through routine checks by Alberta Health Services. I am also always willing to provide documentation and numbers to call if anyone is feeling uncertain. I use only top of the line, fully disposable tools. Your safety & comfort is my number one priority at all times. 


Jeri, thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions. We really appreciate all the support you've shown us, and other artists, this far. We are so excited that you're taking the Local Beauty journey with us. You are such a light, an amazing Momma and I can't wait to see where life takes you! Continue to grow and shine, girl.

Jessica McLean

with Local Beauty


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