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Stephanie Walsh

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Look out world-- Stephanie Walsh is coming for you! Seriously though. This girl is on fire. She is constantly challenging herself to become a better stylist, business owner and person. Stephanie has the exact kind of drive, determination and spirit that makes a successful business women.

Earlier this year, Stephanie took the leap into the business world by becoming her own boss. She quickly set up shop in Iron Salon as Steph Walsh Styling Inc. This has given Steph an opportunity to work with like-minded boss babes. Working and learning amongst fellow female business owners is something that Stephanie values. She embraces the idea of community over competition-- why not learn and grow from other stylists?

Stephanie's Instagram has a perfect balance to it. She offers education and inspiration on not just hair styling, but life and business as well. Her page consists of content that keeps things light and positive, but also challenges us with some deep questions like, "Who’s feeling brave today? Can you handle a reality check?  How many things that you’ve moaned about today are part of the life you dreamed of yesterday?" I search for content like this that makes me think outside the box. Keep it up, Steph!

Stephanie is also a Kevin Murphy Educator. She knows their products and tools inside and out, AND she personally uses and loves them. It's so important to ask a stylist about the right products to use for your hair-- just like you should ask an esthetician about what products to use for your skin. And why not ask someone directly on the Kevin Murphy team?! Here's a blog Stephanie wrote on KM products.



How did you get into the beauty industry?

Beginning to love the beauty industry came at a young age for me. I suffered from severe acne as a child and started working with this girl who would bring me in for facials every month and products to help battle against this, as it was a large hit to the physical part of my body that people seen and I was very ashamed of at the time. There started my interest around grade 6-7. I then transferred for high school into a different town that had a high school with cosmetology for 10, 11 & 12. I graduated through with a scholarship for hair school! I had also took the route to be certified in parts of the aesthetics world. By the time I was 21 I had been working in a salon since gr. 11 and was completed with my stylist license and red seal.

What is some advice you would give someone starting their career in the industry?

I would say to them it is a very competitive, and a hard working career but the benefits of helping people to become or find their best versions of themselves as well as having a major artistic influence in their career is the most rewarding and this is exactly what drives me.

The people you will meet and grow a relationship with will change you to inspire yourself and others. Never stop, more people are needed in this world like that. It will take you to a place you could not have dreamed for yourself and definitely gets you out of your comfort zones onto the path of growth.

What are your favourite trends in the hair industry right now? What trends do you see coming in the future?

The trends I used to love were bold and very abstract, now in my present years I have become an event hair specialist leaning more on the organic side of styles, elegant and working with new tools do so this, such a a plastic needle and hair thread to SEW my up-dos.

Trends that I feel are coming for the future are a wide range on the spectrum, I see a lot of this and from working as an educator with KEVIN.MURPHY... the said “style” has no right or wrong way to it. I love that we are more customizable and pull bits and pieces, putting them together to be our very own! Individuality is huge and is perfectly made for each and every person, for what fits best for their lifestyles...rather then like before, it would be one set style and the rest fallow trend.. it's a blend through the decades now.

What is your favourite part of your job, and what is your least favourite? Why?

My favourite part of my job has a few points not one spot particularly that absolutely pushes me to do more at different stages in my career.

First it was finding confidence through myself through the works of knowledge in the industry and being a positive influence for others in this way to show them how. Then it transformed into perfecting my work on the side of being the artist, and knowledge of the actual products and specializing in curtain areas of my industry.

Now it has again, morphed, when I started my own business. Challenging myself on a more business level/ side to my industry to create my own path and carve out what I feel and want to put out into the world for others who may gain in the way I do business in my industry and works for me.

My least favourite part, which I feel now our industry is changing for the good, is the competition and drama that can go on. I feel now though that we as a whole are learning to help each other and boost each other. “Community over competition” and this is setting a great example for new comers as well as people in the same industry for years are learning to be able to reach out when we need help & to grow as a whole.

You have grown a large following on Instagram! What are some tips you can share with us on how to grow a following?

Let me tell you, I never used to! Haha. When I started on the “techie” side of my industry, not that I wanted to at all... I’ll admit, I am not that great at technology period, but I knew to stay on top of my game this is where our industry was headed and I had to get ahead of it or be lost forever sort of speak. For example, At that point I didn’t even know what a #hashtag was or how to use it properly! So I set out to find a person that could help me with this, and I did. For the following years till now I have learned and is the biggest take away here that I can tell you is if you don’t know how to do something, ask for help. But the major areas to focus for growing & how to grow are, be engaged, show up on media and be consistent. I do this constantly, and I only learned how is because I started with asking for some help in that area of course. I have grown my account now to almost 13K followers.

At the end of the day or at least for me, media for my industry is huge but the number of followers isn’t as important, the actual people in your followers is. Just because you have tons of people doesn’t necessarily mean tons of sales or customers.. you have to do the work and engage.

This is my favourite question to ask everyone-- what are your strengths and weaknesses?

Well I would definitely say I come with an artistic background so this is absolutely the areas of my strength, whether it be colouring, designing a cut or event hairstyle. My creative side loves to take over and just have fun with it!

My weakness like I had mentioned previously, I would say is more in the tech side of things as well, I dreaded public speaking and book work. But I see weaknesses as an area of challenge and is only a weakness because we haven’t worked or strengthened as much on this area. We can turn our focus to those things, try a little harder to cultivate our weaknesses hopefully to be a strength one day or at the very least, better in that area.

Who do you admire the most?

I have many people I admire for different reasons. No set person is this for me, I feel the people who come into our focus, or life are all for different reason and are there to learn something from! From bosses, to peers, to celebrities if you will, or a family member maybe a teacher.. they all have specific roles they play in our lives good and bad.


Steph! I absolutely loved your answers. It's funny how I believe one of your strengths, which is your social media presence, is something you believe is a weakness for you. Clearly you practice what you preach as you've worked and strength this area to turn it into a strength.

Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions!

Steph Walsh Styling Inc. and Iron Salon will be opening their doors as of June 1. Check out Stephanie's Instagram page to book with her and to learn more about the protocols that are in place.

-Jessica McLean

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