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Vanessa (Ness) Riley Clinical Esthetician, Lash Artist and Owner of Beauty By Ness @_beautybyness_ https://www.beautybynessbbn.com/

Ness is by far one of the sweetest, most compassionate, hard working humans on this planet. She has accomplished so much at such a young age; she's a clinical esty, lash artist and a business owner-- running a successful beauty business is no small feat, y'all! I've seen Ness a few times for facials, chemical peels and microdermabrasion-- she has helped me so much with my skin. Her studio is always spotless, cozy and she makes me feel so welcomed in her cute little space. Ness took so much time before our first appointment to really get to know my skin + skincare goals. We even went into my diet, stress levels, current products I used, and other factors that could be contributing to my acne. She introduced to my favourite skincare line, Image! (If you haven't tried their products yet, you're missing out!!) Vanessa is truly passionate about helping others with their skin.

Ness' Instagram page is jam packed full of skincare info, tips and tricks, self care motivation, and some purdy lashes too. She does such a good job of using her social media to spread her brand awareness- glowing from the outside and from within!

I highly recommend seeing Ness for all your skincare needs when she reopens (she's also amazing at lashes too)! And if you can't wait until then, Ness is offering virtual skin consultations and she can help create a skincare routine for you!! Check out some of the products she sells on the Local Beauty App. (Pssst. There's a promo code below to get $10 off your order!)


Q + A

Did you become an esthetician first or a lash tech? What's your favourite service you offer and why? I actually took my classic lash course first in September 2016. I was just out of high school and didn't want to pay full price to have my lashes done, so I took the course thinking I could do my own... which is hilarious and I wasn't the only one at the course thinking that LOL. I then started my Clinical Esthetics course in January! I was always interested in the science behind skincare and wanted to learn more advanced treatments like chemical peels, laser, IPL etc.

What is a common mistake you see clients make with their skin?

I work with mostly acne prone clients, so just simply not understanding their own skin leading them to use too many of the wrong products. Most of us try to figure out our skin on our own but many go too far purchasing overpriced, harsh products from Sephora or drugstores hoping one of them will have the magical ingredients to solve their all skin problems. There are actually a lot of factors that lead to unbalanced skin so I work with my clients to find the root cause to heal your skin from the inside out along with facial treatments!

Why is it important to see an esthetician to help you with your skincare routine?

Us Esty's are extremely passionate about what we do and helping others achieve their skin goals. We've been through our own skin struggles and tend to be what we call "skin junkies" meaning we're obsessed with everything skincare and will do everything we can to help you! We have extensive knowledge and training to help provide you with treatments, products and guidance to safely and effectively improve your skin!

What are some products you love? I have been using Image Skincare for a few years now and absolutely love it. It is the most effective skincare brand I've come across (and I've been through many) and love that they make products to treat all skin types and concerns. I have also recently brought in a natural skincare line called Moor Spa. I really enjoy this line for healing and hydrating the skin. From Image my favourite cleanser is the Ormedic Balancing Facial Cleanser, my favourite mask is the Vital C Hydrating Enzyme Mask and my favourite serum is the Rescue from Moor Spa.

What are your goals for 2021 and what's something you've learned in 2020?

A goal of mine in 2021 is to add Microneedling to my service menu! I hope to collaborate with some other brands and am actually currently working on one which will be launched very soon! I am also so excited to have my online shop coming soon through Local Beauty for my clients to purchase products online. I have learned quite a bit in 2020 but my biggest lesson is that if my business can survive through a pandemic with 2 lockdowns, I can truly be successful through anything.

What's something you wish people knew about you?

I struggle with being a scatter brain, feeling like I’m not good enough and struggle with staying focused on goals or tasks. I try to use my social media pages to promote positivity, healing, advice and guidance so nobody else feels like they need to hide like I did. I struggled finding resources to help myself but when I was 18 I discovered being self employed was a creative output for myself and gave me a lot of freedom to be able to control my own life. I make my own schedule and have quite a bit of self discipline so I can maintain a healthy, clear and happy mind so I can offer my clients the very best of my abilities!

Besides your business, what is something else that you are passionate about? My other big passion is my own spiritual / self growth journey I am on. I am learning daily to love myself as a whole and live fully in each moment and hope to inspire those around me to do the same! I am obsessed with everything & anything that helps me heal and become the best version of myself. I love crystals, tarot & oracle card reading, meditating, reading, exercising, travelling, snowboarding, going out with friends, being in nature and anything that gives my mind an opportunity to grow or learn something new :) I don't have time for bad habits and unproductivity anymore haha

Ness, I loved loved loved getting to know you more. I really connected with what you said about self employment being a creative outlet!! I really feel that entrepreneurship has helped me so much with my mental health, so it was really cool to hear that you've experienced that too. I am so proud of all your accomplishments and I can't wait to see what the future holds for you-- get it, girl!!

-Jessica McLean with Local Beauty

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