Using Reiki & Energy Modalities to Support Your Well-Being Written By: Olivia Ward

Energy Comes in Many Forms

Whether you are familiar with energy or not, I am here to break it down for you so you can feel inspired to tap into your own innate energy that can be harnessed for creativity, mental clarity, pleasure, purpose and healing.

Energy comes in many forms; physical, kinetic, thermal, chemical, nuclear, electrical, electromagnetic and subtle. Many of these forms of energy can be detected by our 5 senses; the heat from someone’s hands, seeing magnets attract or repel one another, feeling the beating of our heart, seeing rainbow colours reflect through a pane of glass and feeling the wind against our skin.

"Subtle” energies are those that we may not be able to detect with our 5 senses, however our bodies interact with them constantly.(1*) These energies often feel like an inner knowing; like the sense of someone staring at you without looking, the energy or mood shift you feel around certain people, the hairs standing up at the back of your neck, the sense to walk down one street and not the other, a vivid dream or vision that then has significant meaning in real life. The subtle energies we interact with in our environment, can make us more connected but can also disrupt our internal energy system.

Energy medicine encompasses many modalities including reiki, shamanism, meditation, acupuncture, chi and intuitive healing. Although these practices are slightly different and originate from different areas, the principles of channelling and guiding universal life force energy are very similar.

How is Energy Disrupted?

Much like a fuzzy television with an interrupted signal, our bodies can become “disconnected” when energetic disruptions happen due to trapped emotions, traumatic events, stress and physical ailments. When in a calm, relaxed state, energy flows freely through each of us. In situations of stress and trauma our bodies stop the flow of vital energy in order to “protect” us from feeling what may be too overwhelming or hurtful. Events such as an argument with a spouse, financial stress, a health diagnosis, verbal abuse, bullying, discrimination, road rage and negative self talk can create energetic disruption.

Our innate intelligence can limit the flow of energy as a protection mechanism which is genius in acute circumstances, but over time these energetic blockages can lead to physical and emotional imbalances. It is important to understand the root cause of energetic imbalances. That is why working with an energy practitioner can be helpful when starting your path to intuitive healing. Tapping into your own energy and intuition can help with self-esteem, emotional release, physical ailments, anxiety, low energy and sleep disturbances.

What is Reiki and How Can It Help? Reiki is a Japanese healing technique that uses hand placements over different energy centres of the body to clear energetic blockages, stagnation, imbalances and disruptions. The hands hold a concentrated amount of energy which can be channelled to meridians, chakras and auras allowing for a state of deep relaxation. Allowing the body to relax can have beneficial affects on the nervous system, immune system, stress tolerance, sleep, physical aliments, connection to self and spirituality. It allows for the client to check in with their body on any tensions, discomforts or emotions they have been holding onto and come back to harmony in their body. Clients often feel very relaxed, light, grounded, emotionally re-charged and mentally clear after a treatment.(2*)

Clients lay down, fully clothed, while the practitioner’s hands hover an inch above the physical body or are gently placed on the client’s energy centres depending on their preference. Many reiki masters can sense heaviness and energetic blockages through a hot, pulsing or almost magnetic feeling in the hands. These blocks can be released by clearing the emotions and energies tied to the area affected, which often intuitively come up for the practitioner and client. Some practitioners combine reiki with mental/emotional release techniques, meditation, visualization, flower essences, intuitive readings and sound therapy for a more integrative approach.

Ways to Protect Your Energy

As mentioned, we encounter events every day that have the ability to disrupt our energy. There are things we can consciously do to protect our energy from being so severely impacted:

  1. Giving gratitude – start your morning by listing 5 things you are grateful for, this shifts our mindset and starts our day from a place of mindfulness

  2. Breath-work – taking deep breaths is a way to calm the nervous system and to come back to ourselves

  3. Guided meditations – simply search for a guided meditation on youtube to help release a specific emotion you are feeling or chakra you want to support. Follow the meditation with your eyes closed and allow yourself to release any tension in the body.

  4. Salt baths – if you are feeling overwhelmed or energetically out of wack, a bath infused with sea salt can be extremely grounding. As you drain the bath, envision your worries and heavy feelings being released down the drain.

  5. Reiki sessions – book a reiki session to be guided through the clearing process. This is extremely helpful if you are new to energy work and don’t know where to start or what it will feel like.

Why is it important to know how to tap into your energy?

Because this is your life force. An excited energy feels very different from an anxious energy. Being able to recognize your own energetic states will allow you to quickly identify triggers and situations that do not benefit you. To live in harmony is to be able to express and connect with each energetic centre in your body and to know when your body is closing off to protect itself. Your awareness to your energy will allow you to become more in-tune with your intuition and gut instincts.

Getting to know your energy on a more intimate level can help to ease uncomfortable feels within, address toxic relationships and environments, instill confidence in yourself, become aware of tension you are holding onto physically and can make decision making easier.

How to Connect to Your Own Life Force Energy

In today’s fast pace society, we are often disconnected from ourselves and our intuition; the little voice or knowing inside us that helps guide us for our greatest good. Here’s a practice to help you get in tune with your body and intuition. Generally speaking, you will be channelling reiki energy to yourself in this practice.

  1. Find a quiet place to sit or lay. In your head or out loud, set the intention that you are channeling healing energy for your highest good.

  2. Gently close your eyes and allow yourself to take in 4 deep breaths. Inhaling deeply through the nose and exhaling deeply through the mouth.

  3. Return to your normal breath.

  4. Bring your awareness to your hands. Focusing on your hands and what they feel like. You can wiggle your hands gently to help bring your awareness to them.

  5. Take note of the sensation in your hands. Do they feel hot, cold, tingling, pulsing, numb, vibrating, heavy, light, etc? There is no right or wrong feeling.

  6. As you become aware of these sensations, simply guide your hands to a place of tension in your body. Maybe your forehead, shoulders, forearms, chest, belly, back or hips feel tense. Place your hands on the area of tension in your body and feel the sensation from your hands transfer to the area of tension.

  7. Breathe deeply into that space, inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth.

  8. Now take a mental note of the area that was tense. Do you still feel tension? Has it released, has the sensation changed, do you feel more relax?

  9. If there are more areas of tension that you can sense in your body you can more your hands to those areas and repeat the practice.

  10. Close the practice by thanking your body and your hands for channeling and receiving your own healing energy.

  11. Continue to work with this practice to become aware of how being conscious with your energy can shift your physical symptoms.

  12. Working with a reiki master or energy practitioner can help guide you deeper into relaxation and connection with your body as you continue on this journey.

Written by Olivia Ward, BSc, C.H.N.C, Reiki Master

Olivia Ward (aka Liv) is a Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant, Reiki Master, Bachelor’s of Science degree graduate and founder of LivNourished, a holistic wellness practice and blog that unites body, mind and soul through nourishing food, intuitive connection and embracing simplicity. Olivia is passionate about teaching how to become your own best health advocate by going beyond food and tapping into your intuition. Olivia uses an integrative approach to discovering the root cause of your symptoms and creates a unique experience with each session offered to meet your individual needs. Olivia offers full body holistic nutrition assessments, integrative reiki sessions, workshops, cooking classes, online resources and dairy free and gluten free recipes through her blog


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