What To Know Before You Get Your Brows Done

If you’re thinking about getting microblading, this blog is for you. First, microblading is just one technique artists use (I've been learning SO much, the beauty industry is vast, but so fun). There are other forms of micro-pigmentation techniques for brows. You’ll need to research and discuss with your artist which one suits your desired brow goals- are you looking for a natural brow or more of a makeup shaded look brow? You’ll definitely want to search the web for an artist as well (Pssst. Read to the end to see all of our members that provide permanent makeup)! In Canada, there are NO regulations on permanent makeup- be safe! Ask your artist for things like: Alberta Health Services certification, blood borne pathogens certification, and research where the artist took their training.

Main techniques of permanent brow makeup:


A special “pen” with a blade at the tip is used to make hair like strokes. Microblading is best suited for dry skin types and is NOT recommended for oily or mature skin types as they do not retain pigmentation very well.

Combination or Hybrid Brows Combo brows is exactly how it sounds; it's a combination of hair strokes (microblading) and machine or manual shading. Softer hair strokes in the front, more defined tails in the back. This is a great option for those with little to no natural hair, oily skin types and coverups.

Powdered Ombre

Machine shading of the entire brow; a light to dark makeup look. This technique is great for all skin types including: mature skin, oily skin and coverups. Nano Strokes/Blading Hair strokes are created using a very fine needle rather than a blade. Nano strokes last longer, are less damaging to the skin and are great for all skin types, including oily skin. This is a great option for those who are not candidates for microblading.

What our PMU Members want you to know before you book your brow appointment:

Melissa Cooke Owner/Artist of MC Beauty Bar

Not all eyebrows are meant for all face shapes! Just because you love your girlfriends brow shape doesn’t mean it’s necessarily right for you. Every brow shape should ALWAYS be custom to YOU. Keep in mind your artist will of course take your wants of shape or color into consideration. Don’t expect perfect results after one appointment. EVER. You have different skin then EVERY other person out there. Your body will heal different- faster/slower- and you may retain pigment better or worse depending on things like: UV exposure, skin routine, exercise etc. You’ve chosen your technician for a reason- be trusting. Be mindful to ask that technician about their pigments, if your color is custom to what you need. I ask my clients to look at photos and be prepared to chat and consult about those photos. This helps us use examples of why things are or are not meant for them.

Jennifer Andrews

Owner/Artist of Pretty in the City

Although cosmetic tattooing is referred to as permanent makeup it does fade and requires touch ups every 1-3 years. Even though it is temporary and fades, a residual trace of pigment will remain in the skin forever, which is why we call it permanent makeup. Tattoo ink and permanent makeup ink also have a different chemical makeup from one another. The benefit of this type of ink fading means that you can slightly adjust your brow shape and colour as styles and your taste change. PMU ink comes in a large variety of colours from light blonde to rich dark black and everything in-between. Your artist can and should be able to customize the shape, style and colour to match your brow goals, and natural features.

To ensure the best, long lasting results it is essential to follow the pre and post care instructions set out by your artist. Pre & post care is 50% of the brow process, and your investment and is just as important as the brow appointment itself. Please remember that your brows will be temporary darker & slightly swollen following your appointment until the scabs are ready to naturally flake off (day 4-7). Don’t let this scare you as it is common for clients to request their brows to be slightly thicker and darker during the touch up!

Leanne Kenny Owner/Artist of Curve Studio

Microblading & nano strokes have a very similar end result; however, microblading uses a hand tool that consists of roughly 10-16 fine point needles aligned to resemble a blade, this tool is then dipped into pigment ink which is then deposited into the skin this service usually lasts 1-2 years with a touch up in between depending on your skin type. Nano stroke tattooing uses a handheld tattoo machine with the use of a single fine point needle, this needles is also dipped into the pigment ink then deposited into the skin, because this treatment uses a tattoo machine, it goes deeper into the skin resulting in longer lasting results, usually 2-3 years.

Samantha Valentine

Owner/Artist of BrauHaus Studios

There’s a lot that goes into picking your artist. Do you consistently like their work? Do they post HEALED work? Is their studio clean and safe? Do they have good reviews from happy guests? Ask for healed work. Yes, they may have really beautiful before and afters but healed work is where the real talent is. If you pay $500 for brows that are not going to stay in the skin for longer than a few months, then that’s a big waste of money.

Ask what their credentials are (this is an unregulated industry, and you don’t technically need any certification to perform procedures).

Are they BBP (blood borne pathogens certified)? Do they have the pass from Alberta Health Services? Stay safe!

With permanent brow makeup, your eyebrows become waterproof and smudge proof, and they can completely transform your face. Whether you need a little bit to fill in your shape, or you have little to no natural hair, permanent brow makeup is life changing for a lot of women.

A giant thank-you to the artists who helped me out with this blog! It was so cool to be able to come together and create this with you all!

Our current members who offer permanent brow makeup are:

Downtown Edmonton: -Mariah @blissbrowboutique

-Samantha @samantha.brauhaus

-Irene @irenethai

-Ashely @opiabrows

-Melissa @mc.beautybar

West Edmonton:

-Sarah @lamodabrowsandbeauty

-Jeri @highbrowbeautyvault

-Leanne @curve.studio

South Edmonton:

-Julie @beauty2brows (she also works at The Love Salon on Whyte)

-AP Browz @apbrowz

-Myrna @mybrowsyeg

-Victoria @vanitytouchpmu

-Kristy @kristys.beauty.bar

North Edmonton:

-Becca @_browdolls

-Jennifer @_prettyinthecity_

Fort Saskatchewan

-Ainsley @aestheticsbyains

St. Albert

-Amaris @thechicstudio

-Shannon @unicornbeauty_yeg New Sarpeta

-Holly @livelovebrows