What Your Hairstylist Wants You To Know

Updated: Sep 21, 2019

Since joining the beauty world I’ve been learning so much. I’m so grateful to be able to harness such a vast amount of knowledge from our members to collectively share with you all. This is years and years of experience from a variety of areas in the beauty world. And let me tell you, as a client, I have been SO guilty of a lot of “no nos” in hairstyling, but I had no idea I was guilty of these hair faux pas. Did you know that if you let your blonde grow out too long, your next appointment could turn into a colour correction ($$$); or that hair contouring to help accentuate your facial features is a thing!? I’d say the most important lesson that I’ve learned is that making a big change is a process. Sometimes it can even take a few appointments to achieve the look you want. All this new found knowledge gave me the idea to ask our members what they wish their clients knew! I asked them for tips, tricks or pet peeves.

First off, us clients obviously need to get our time management skills in check as almost everyone mentioned this problem. This isn’t just in the hair industry either. Clients are so frequently cancelling last minute, or just not showing up. This is NOT ok and we can do better. Just like we make time for an appointment, beauty professionals make time for us, but this specific time for them can equal lost dollars. Of course shit happens and people get sick, or there are other emergencies, blah blah blah. But we all know some people abuse those excuses. Ok- phew! Now that we have the serious stuff out of the way let's get into the more fun stuff.

The importance of consultations “It’s really hard to quote a price without a proper consultation. An inspiring picture is just that, everything depends on what colour your hair currently is and the health of it. A great transformation takes time and is expensive. A low maintenance colour takes a lot of work and skill, making it more expensive upfront. However, the growing out is easy and can last up to 6 months with minor colour appointments in between.” - Linda Ledrew Hair @lindalewdrewhair

A tip for blonde clients “A tip I give all of my blonde clients is to not over use purple shampoos and conditioners. Overuse can result in your colour looking dull, dark and drab because of the cool pigment. Scale back on it and instead use a high quality, sulphate free shampoo to maintain the custom tone your stylist has created for you.

Wait until your colour actually starts to look brassy, then use a toning shampoo. I also always recommend using a hydrating hair mask after using a toning shampoo to add moisture back into the hair." - Samantha Pozdzik @sami.so.real.hair

How to properly sleep on your hair “Sleeping on wet hair isn’t good for the hair! A lot of clients think that because they didn't apply heat to the hair that this is a better method of letting the hair dry. But it’s very detrimental to the hair. Imagine rubbing a cooked spaghetti noodle on a cloth and imagine what it would look like. That’s your wet hair on a pillow. I recommend if you’re washing at night give your hair ample time to dry before laying down. If it’s still moist, then blow dry with cold air. Also, always tie your hair when sleeping in a bun or a braid. Use a scrunchie to avoid breakage. If you want added hair protection, sleep on a silk pillowcase. - Hair By Theresa @hairstylisttheresa

Leave it to the professionals “Don’t try to recreate your colour at home. Idgaf if you went to Sally’s and bought ‘Professional Salon Product’. There's a reason anyone can buy it. It’s not professional product, wanna know why?? Because y’all bought it and you’re not a professional and you don’t know colour theory. Also, if you have coloured hair, please use what we recommend. Pantene Colour Safe is still shit.” - Jaymie; The Hairstylist @jam_thehairstylist

You might need more than one appointment “Box dyes or other unknown non professional brands will produce unknown results, and correcting or updating those past colours/treatments will take time to perfect by a license professional. One appointment may not do the trick. AND taking care of that corrective work, does require some investment on your part, ie toning shampoos, repairing shampoos etc. sold by your stylist. Research your stylist, schedule a consult so both parties are comfortable.” - Mirlea Whittaker @mirela_freelance_stylist

Things to consider for your wedding up-do It is physically impossible to recreate a style with 100% accuracy; not just the wedding hair inspiration picture from Pinterest, but even from your hair trial. This is because no two artists are the same, just like no two signatures are the same and no two art pieces are the same. Try asking your stylist for recommendations for the best style that suits your face, and do not make any drastic style changes before your big day. Remember that your stylist is not a copy machine. A good stylist will be able to recreate a look only to a certain extent (some more-some less), but lots of factors play a big role in the end result- knowing them, please be realistic. -Victoria Krause Shestakova @victorias_creations_yeg

Respect the artist and trust the process! “We try our hardest to give you the best hair you can have, using all of our experience and talents, so listen to our recommendations! People talk about how crazy expensive getting your hair done is, but I have years of experience and that years of experiences/education is worth it.” -Cass with La Belle Couleur Inc. @cassassy74

Trust your stylist.

“One of my biggest pet peeves is when people try and tell us how to do our job. Each stylist is an artist and creates differently. The best thing you can do is research your stylist to make sure you like their work and that you share the same vision! Do not start off the consultation with “no one ever does my hair right”, trust your stylist!” -Sarah with La Belle Couleur Inc. @sarahannhair

A BIG thank you to our members for sharing their valuable knowledge with us! We are so proud to have such talent on our platform- be sure to check out their Instagram pages to see their amazing work. And thank YOU, readers, for joining us on our LocalBeauty journey. We can’t wait to show you what we have been working on. Stay tuned for all things beauty.

xx Jessica McLean With LocalBeauty P.S. Drop a comment if you have any beauty questions for our members!